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Great Expectations

Written by Charles Dickens
Performed by Dave Mynne
Directed by Simon Harvey (o-region / kneehigh)
Adapted by Andrew McPherson


WILDFIRE Critics' Choice Award - Exeter Ignite Festival 2013

GREAT EXPECTATIONS is a small-scale show, designed for village halls and small theatres. It is completely self-contained and adaptable to most situations; it is literally 'out of a suitcase'.

You can download the GREAT EXPECTATIONS brochure, and read more, here.

If you have an enquiry, or would like to discuss booking the show, please contact me here


The show is also available to secondary schools (For students: Key Stage 3 - 5) along with a Great Expectations/Dickens workshop, if desired. The workshop can be tailored to your individual requirements and can be Drama or English based. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss availability and booking.

read a school performance review here

For theatre and school/workshop enquiries contact me here


Although this is a one-man show it took more than myself to make it!
My thanks to Andrew McPherson who wrote, re-wrote and drafted the text. To Simon Harvey for directing the show and teasing out the story-teller. To Steve Tanner for taking photos of my gurning face and creating a great image. To Chloe Rickard for making me a Facebook page (I didn't have a clue!) and introducing me to Twitter. To Chris Fernley for constantly tweaking this website. To Sarah Wright (Little Angel) for helping with Miss Havisham. To Miracle Theatre for help with rehearsal space. To John Voogd for making the wooden boats and forge. To Romer, my lovely wife, who had to listen to me making stupid noises and practising my lines over breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the times in between. And to all my friends who have given me nothing but encouragement.

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